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Role of a Public Relations Manager in an Organization (Article)

Like many small business owners, you may think your pockets are not yet deep enough to afford a public relations manager. After all, it’s those bigger companies that need PR for their issues, such as when an airline mistreats a customer, a national chain restaurant makes someone ill or a driver employed by a global transportation company cusses out a customer in the back seat. Mistreating customers is decidedly uncool, and as the public spotlight sizzles and threatens to burn a business’s good name, a public relations expert is often called upon to act as a press spokesperson, calm the uproar and reassure a nervous public while the owner works to restore the company’s reputation. It’s true that a public relations manager often functions as a crisis manager. But this one responsibility is much too limiting. Once you understand the full range of a public relations manager’s duties, you may decide to accelerate your timeline to add one to your payroll.

Understand the Role of a PR Manager

The Public Relations Society of America describes PR as something much more expansive than answering frantic media calls and writing pithy press releases: “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

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